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On June 6, YASKAWA France officially opened the doors to its new head office, located at the Parc d’activités de la Forêt in Le Bignon, south of Nantes.

Over 250 guests, including customers, partners, local elected officials and representatives from academic institutions, made the journey to attend the event.

Among these were:

  • Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council
  • Johann Boblin, President of the Grand Lieu Community of Municipalities
  • Serge Hégron, Mayor of Le Bignon
  • Manfred Stern, Corporate Officer, Regional Head YASKAWA Europe
  • Susumu Kataoka, Chief Executive of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
  • Pascal Jeangirard, Managing Director of YASKAWA France.

The day was punctuated by various highlights. After the opening ceremony and a performance by the Ulik Robotic company, combining circus artistry with robotics, group guided tours were organized to showcase the new site along with the company’s services and business activities.

During the tours, YASKAWA’s technical and sales teams presented the company’s latest innovations in industrial robotics and automation solutions for Industry 4.0 (including collaborative robotics with the HC10 robot, a new range of ArcWorld compact cells for arc welding, the new YASKAWA Cockpit solution and the new GA500 variable frequency microdrive). The event was rounded off with a drinks reception.

A showcase of excellence for industry

For YASKAWA, this event was a great opportunity to unite various stakeholders working at its side to promote the robotics industry in the Pays de la Loire region, throughout France and across the globe.

As the first region in France to display the “French Fab” label, the Pays de la Loire is well and truly part of this local innovative ecosystem. At the opening ceremony, Christelle Morançais announced that she was delighted to see YASKAWA investing in a new head office in the area. “This is a showcase of excellence for industry 4.0 and

for what lies beyond our regional activity,” commented the President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council. “It is also crucially important for our region, which is becoming more and more attractive as a result of economic development.”

During their speeches, YASKAWA’s representatives also expressed their wish, having “set down anchor in the Nantes region”, to “contribute to the growth of the French and European economies, as well as to their customers’ success, by supporting them closely at all times.”

Gateways to connect with younger generations

Built with the support of the Grand Lieu Community of Municipalities in particular, this new head office, costing €5.5 m, has provided YASKAWA with an effective business tool in every sense – at an economic, social and environmental level. With a floor space of 6,500 m2, the company has brand new offices for its staff, a workshop, a showroom/R&D space and its own training school, the YASKAWA Academy.

“This is one of YASKAWA’s largest European-based training schools, enabling us to offer our customers practical courses at different levels and in small groups,” said Pascal Jeangirard. “We have also invested in some innovative pieces of equipment for this purpose. The R&D space will be used for developing, testing and validating technological solutions and new applications, etc.”

As a business designed to open its doors to the outside, YASKAWA is keen to collaborate with academic institutions and has already forged partnerships with a number of higher education establishments, including the Nantes ICAM engineering school and the La Joliverie private training structure. It is through these partnerships that the company will be able to develop successful and stimulating links with younger generations.

Team spirit, safety and well-being

YASKAWA was also keen to offer its employees a high-quality working environment, encouraging commitment and internal cohesion. “This building has various open and collaborative work spaces, which make it easier for our teams to share ideas, talk to each other and move forward in an environment where their team spirit is supported,” said YASKAWA France’s Managing Director.

With its understated decor and glazing, pale shades of color, and light and airy spaces, every element of the building, both inside and out, has been collectively considered to reflect YASKAWA’s philosophy – quality, efficiency and simplicity – and to boost its employees’ well-being.

With its high performance in terms of both energy and technology, the new head office not only meets strict environmental requirements, it also offers the company’s teams the safest possible working conditions.

Supporting continuous development

As a new kind of business tool, this building is also helping YASKAWA France to support its continuous development. The company has now exceeded the 100 mark and currently has 104 employees.

More generally, this new head office has given YASKAWA the long-awaited ability to respond to the rapid growth of the market and to the significant transitions that global industry is undergoing.

About the YASKAWA Group

A world leader in industrial robotics and mechatronic engineering, with more than 430,000 robots, 27 million drives and 18 million servomotors installed throughout the world, YASKAWA offers a complete range of industrial robots and mechatronic products (including variable frequency drives, servo-controls and PLCs).

Established in Japan in 1915, YASKAWA Electric Corporation has over 100 years of technical expertise, during which time it has developed products and solutions that are currently used in automation processes across various industries, including mining, metallurgy, tool machine-making, automobile manufacturing, packaging, timber, textiles and agrifoods.


Contact: Darany Cretal – darany.cretal@yaskawa.eu.com


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