The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, 2018, sets out the principles for the lawful collection, processing and storage of personal data. These principles also guarantee the rights of the persons concerned.

Our website contains various forms, which are used to gather data from site visitors or applicants.

Why we collect data

Data is collected via the PROXINNOV website for the purpose of populating a file, which we use for managing our company’s customers, prospective customers and applicants. This file is used and optimized to obtain statistics and to enable us to contact and/or offer relevant, quality content to visitors who are interested in our services. Our forms are provided to allow visitors to ask us to contact them, request resources (such as quotations or infographics) or register for an event.

If you send us your CV or a speculative job application online, we will use your personal data for purposes in relation to recruitment.

Data relevance

In order to best monitor the interests of PROXINNOV’s customers, prospects and applicants, our file gathers all data from visitors to the website in relation to their identity, their professional information and their activity on the site.
In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, we do not collect data relating to racial or ethnic origin; political, philosophical or religious views; union membership; health or sexual orientation. Any such data is classed as sensitive and is prohibited.

Lawfulness of processing and conditions for consent (Art. 6 and 7 of the GDPR)

Consent to process a visitor’s personal data is systematically obtained for one or more specific purposes. For example, when a form is completed to subscribe to a newsletter or to download a white paper or infographics, the visitor’s email address is obtained for the purposes of sending notifications of new publications or offering resources which may be of interest. When a job application is submitted, the applicant’s postal address, telephone number and email address are obtained so that the person can be contacted by mail, telephone or email.

How we store your data

For anonymous contacts, the data collected via the website is stored for a maximum period of 12 months following their last activity on the site. For identified contacts (excluding job applicants), the data collected via the website is stored for a maximum period of 36 months. At the end of these periods, all personal data will be automatically deleted. With regard to recruitment, unless a request is made to the contrary, PROXINNOV may keep applicants’ personal data on file for a certain length of time for the purpose of contacting them at a later date to inform them of other job opportunities at PROXINNOV.

Rights of the individual

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and the GDPR, individuals have the right to access or amend their personal data, withdraw their consent, restrict the way in which their data is processed, or have it deleted or transferred, by sending a signed letter, together with a copy of a valid form of identification, to PROXINNOV’s head office address. The processing manager, Léa Billaud, will duly respond by the end of the month following receipt of the access or amendment request at the very latest.

Security of data and processing (Art. 32 of the GDPR)

PROXINNOV undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the data it collects and to take all appropriate technical and organizational measures to preserve its integrity and protect it from accidental loss, alteration, distribution or unauthorized access.
In general, PROXINNOV undertakes to use the data it collects in strict compliance with the legislation in force and, in particular, with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).
The data collected via the website and through our service providers Mailchimp, Plezi and SAP, together with the associated processes, are hosted by Mailchimp, Plezi and SAP. Only employees of the technical, marketing, communication, sales and HR departments of PROXINNOV and its service providers can access the information collected via the website and require a unique personal identifier on the Plezi platform to do so.

Data breaches and communication within 72 hours (Art. 33 and 34 of the GDPR)

In the case of a personal data breach, or suspected breach, NOMDUCLIENT will notify the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) no later than 72 hours after having become aware of it.

Cookie management policy

This section on COOKIES explains how we obtain and use browsing data when you visit our website and also outlines your rights.

When you visit our website, your browsing data may be saved in files known as “cookies”, which are installed on your device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

We generate these cookies ourselves to give you the best possible browsing experience when you visit our site. Cookies may also be generated by our partners to enable them to personalize the advertisements they show you outside our website.

Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or to modify the information it contains. If you share your device with others, we cannot fully guarantee that the advertisements and services displayed will reflect your own use of the Internet rather than that of another user.

8.1. The cookies we generate

The cookies we install on your device enable us to recognize your browser when you visit our website. In order to give our customers the very best experience, we generate cookies to:

– obtain site traffic statistics (number of visits, pages viewed, online form abandonment, etc.) to help us monitor and improve the quality of our services;

– adapt the layout of our website to the display preferences configured on your device;

– save the information you enter on our forms, manage and provide secure access to reserved and personal areas such as your account, and process your orders;

– provide you with content that reflects your own areas of interest and personalize the offers we make available to you.

8.2 Third-party cookies

When you access our website, one or more cookies from our partner companies (third-party cookies) may be installed on your device via the pages on our site.

The generation and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy protection policies of these third parties. We have no access to, or control over, third-party cookies. However, we ensure that our partner companies process the information they collect via PROXINNOV’s web pages exclusively for the needs of PROXINNOV and in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and the GDPR. Please note that you have the option to refuse third-party cookies by configuring your browser as required. These cookies are stored by the service providers we use to help us promote our activities and offers. Their purpose is to identify the products that you view or purchase on our website to help personalize the advertisements displayed to you outside PROXINNOV’s web pages and to enable you to receive PROXINNOV offers by email, provided that you gave your permission to these service providers when you registered.

8.3 Your choices in relation to cookies

There are several ways in which you can manage your cookies. However, any changes that you make to your settings are likely to affect your Internet browsing experience and your ability to access particular services requiring the use of cookies. You can select and update your cookie preferences at any time using the methods described below.

8.3.1 Choices available via your web browser:

You can configure your web browser to allow cookies to be stored on your device or you can choose to refuse them, either automatically or according to the issuer. You can also configure your web browser to ask you whether or not you wish to accept cookies on a case-by-case basis before they can be stored on your device. We should remind you, however, that if your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you will not be able make bookings or use some of the essential functions on our site. We therefore ask that you configure your browser to optimize your experience. Each browser is configured differently.

Configuring your browser:
– For Chrome:
– For Internet Explorer:
– For Firefox:
– For Opera:

8.3.2 Choices made online via interprofessional platforms

You can log in to the Youronlinechoices website, which is provided by the digital advertising professionals at the European Digital Advertising Alliance and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. This European platform is shared by hundreds of Internet advertising professionals and offers a centralized interface through which you can choose to accept or refuse any cookies that may be used, so that advertisements can be tailored to your browsing information. In addition to this, the IAB opt-out platform, the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out platform and the Digital Advertising Alliance platform can be used to submit your preferences to all companies registered with them.

It should be noted, however, that this procedure will not prevent advertisements from being displayed on the websites that you visit. It will only block technologies that enable advertising to be adapted to your areas of interest.

Google: Google Analytics functions for display advertisers are activated on this site (remarketing). Google uses cookies to show our ads on sites across its Display Network. Google uses DoubleClick cookies to tailor the ads shown to users based on the sections they browse on our website.

– Opt-out links for audience measurement cookies (statistics)

For cookies installed by Google Analytics:

– Opt-out links for sharing cookies

For cookies installed by Facebook:

For cookies installed by Twitter:

For further information on cookies, visit the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) website:

How are our cookies used?

– Google: This site uses Google advertisement and audience measurement cookies to show personalized ads (targeting and retargeting), measure the effectiveness of its campaigns and analyze the site’s functionality.

External links

The website provides links to various other sites. PROXINNOV cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites or for their privacy policies. Furthermore, PROXINNOV cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising from their use, particularly as a result of access to these sites and to any sites linked to them, including unlimited damages, financial or commercial losses, operating losses, or loss of data, even if we have received prior notification.


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Management of my personal data

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