Our mission


A structure to accelerate the use of technologies among manufacturers, bringing industrial robotics players closer together.

Jade Le Maitre - Director of PROXINNOV


We guide companies through major transformations by introducing concrete robotic automation solutions.

PROXINNOV puts its expertise into action to bring very tangible solutions to its members. Modernizing production equipment through robotics and cobotics brings a number of areas into play at the same time:

  • a combination of various technologies (from mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, automation and electrotechnology to HMIs, AI and cybersecurity),
  • human factors (safety, acceptability, responsibility, etc.).


PROXINNOV relies on its team of engineers and its industrial demonstrator to offer a range of valuable services to its members – whether they are equipment manufacturers, integrators or users:


Proxinnov offers dynamic scenario simulations to demonstrate the products and processes developed by its equipment manufacturer members. Solutions are presented in industrial environments that are as similar as possible to the required operating conditions, and may even be implemented by potential future users during their pre-project tests.


Proxinnov recognizes the importance of supporting integrators as they are faced with the growing complexity of industrial operations and the great variety of available technologies. The structure allows them to benefit from the expertise of Proxinnov’s teams and the equipment installed on its premises, to help remove any technological barriers and/or acquire new skills in the pre-project phase. By focusing on offering operational solutions, integrators are able to reduce their prices and become more closely involved.


Proxinnov helps users define their needs and related specifications by presenting existing solutions, particularly ones that have been tried and tested in other sectors, and by carrying out initial feasibility studies, producing prototypes and conducting tests. Users can then be introduced to the right integrator for the industrial implementation of their project.


Proxinnov’s added value also lies in its ability to take an impartial view when it comes to analyzing the options for any given solution. Proxinnov presents the solutions from all of the equipment manufacturers offering their services and ensures that its members benefit from objective advice based on feedback from players across its network.

Another of Proxinnov’s assets is its industrial demonstrator, located in La Roche-sur-Yon. This infrastructure is one of a kind in France, covering an area of 1,000 m² and showcasing over a dozen mature pieces of equipment available on the market.

The platform is also a place to meet and exchange ideas, and serves as a network for the regional and national robotics and cobotics ecosystem. It promotes interactions between players to help them forge new partnerships and encourages the sharing of experience across different industries to ultimately drive the robotics sector forward.


Proxinnov specializes in industrial robotics for small and medium-sized companies and enterprises, with the aim of uniting the robotics integration sector in the Pays de la Loire region around 4 key actions with its members:


Carrying out pre-project work (specifications, opportunity or feasibility studies, exploratory studies, analysis of the latest leading technologies).


Delivering training courses (safety, acceptability, technological components, etc.).


Performing tests and validating robotic solutions (proof of concept, demonstrators, physical and digital models, etc.).


Promoting robotics (technological monitoring, network coordination, events, etc.).