Proxinnov, at the heart of industrial robotics

An organization serving manufacturers, bringing together companies in the robotics sector.

As a public-private platform that specialises in industrial robotics for SMEs and middle-market companies, Proxinnov is the leading resource for robotics integration. Our actions to consolidate the industrial Robotics Integration sector extend from the Loire Region to the rest of Europe, notably through the network of Digital Innovation Hubs.


Our Role 

Our role is to lead a fundamental transformation of the business world through concrete measures to expand the use of robotics. Any effort to modernize production infrastructure using robotics and cobotics requires that we address both the wide range of technology involved (spanning mechanics, electronics, automation and electrical engineering, not to mention HMI, AI, cybersecurity, etc.) and the human factors at play (safety, acceptability, responsibility, etc.).

Proxinnov is proactively helping to meet those challenges by:

  • Preparing pre-projects (specifications, opportunity and feasibility studies, exploratory studies, state-of-the-art reviews)
  • Conducting tests and validating robotics solutions (demonstrators, physical and digital mockups)
  • Providing initial or continuing training leading to certification or a degree
  • Promoting robotics (technology watch, networking, events, competitions)

Proxinnov’s expertise is available to everyone with a stake in industrial robotics, whether they are companies supplying technology assembly equipment or manufacturers using that equipment, as well as technology transfer organizations and training institutes.