Validate your robotics solutions

Confirm the viability and feasibility of your projects

VIRTUAL FEASIBILITY | We use 3D simulation software to model workstations or robot cells in order to integrate a robot that is tailored to your concerns, and also to model equipment (grippers, machinery, etc.) with the aim of creating a virtual environment that is adapted to your needs. 

Our objective: 

  • Verify technical feasibility: cycle times/speeds.
  • Confirm robot accessibility.
  • Ensure there are no specific problems, collisions, etc.
  • Verify that a gripper is feasible in principle.

ACTUAL FEASIBILITY / PROTOTYPING | Depending on the results of the digital testing, we conduct actual tests and create prototypes.

Our objective: 

  • Validate processes (machining, welding, handling, painting, etc.).
  • Assess the quality of the finished parts.
  • Validate the principle behind the gripper.
  • Conduct vision tests.
  • Validate the decision.